Thursday, 9 February 2017

Travis Bean #1141 gets a make-over

Paint work done by
Guitar fully stripped and reassembled complete with full set up and a lot of extra work to improve the quality of the fret board etc by BOB

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

I'm getting better at staying in.

12/02/2016 - Hackney empire- The Residents -is everybody ready for the picnic in the front row!!!

 13/04/2016- London Forum- Roky Erickson/young husband Roky doesn't seem to play guitar anymore, he pretends to, but there is no volume coming out of it, (this may be his manipulators at work). His backing band are sad uncharismatic losers who don't deserve to share a stage with him (I don't care if these people are his family or whatever). I would have much preferred to have seen Roky actually playing guitar solo with the volume up as no matter how bad that may or may not have been it would have been real. It may have even been as good as this

18/04/16 - London Scala- Boredoms/ADSL camels
Ba ba ba ba a ba SUPERBASS

21/05/2016- Double dot bash - Reading- Hey colossus/shit and shine/woven skull/grey hairs/martin phone/moonbow/leaf library/the pawnbroker/the 12 hour foundation  The only festival willing to let OLD ERNiE perform in 2016, so therefore my personal favourite. 

17/06/2016- London Koko- Melvins - new bassist with shiny shoes adds a super camp element to the band. I think I liked it and laughed more than any previous melvins shows. they should keep this guy. 

30/06/2016 - Oxford Bully- Brickwork lizards/faith I branko  there is a member of faith i branko that looks just like an adult version of my niece. I remember nothing else about this night. 

02/08/2016 - Bristol Exchange- Dwarves/CJ Ramone/Maid of Ace

 02/09/2016- Oxford Wheatsheaf- Brickwork lizards - fast becoming one of the bands I have seen more than any other band. they must think I am a crazy stalker.

02/10/2016- Oxford wheatsheaf- Unman 
I prefer UNsane. 

13/10/2016 Islington assembly halls - swans not nearly as loud as last time I saw them.
Unman may have been louder!!!

07/11/2016 - London KoKO- Neurosis One member of this band has enough cool to carry the other four, can you guess which one it is?
07/12/2016 Oxford wheatsheaf- Volkenfunk/Deathsex Bloodbath
          Is there tomorrow? 
THERE'S NO TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!