Monday, 9 February 2009


about a year ago i got an infection in my finger, i think it just got sore when i cut the nails and then it got aggrivated at work, anyway i ended up in hospital for about a week and signed off work for 3 weeks,
when i arrived at the hospital the
infection was moving up my arm and was already past the elbow, they immediately cut it all open, removing the nail and trying to drain all the shit out of it and they put me on intravenous antibiotics to try and kill any infection left in the arm, after about 4 days they realised this wasnt working and cut it all open again.

the pain was unreal for such a silly little thing, and 3 times a day i had to have the dressing changed which was a nightmare because it would be stuck to the open wound and would rip it open even more,

eventually it kind of healed although i still dont have a proper nail on the finger, also the last picture on here that looks like its not to bad is how the whole thing started out.

Monday, 2 February 2009

first blog

i have made this just because i wanted to take owner ship of the oldernie url ,
i plan to use this space to moan about things and brag about records and toys,
i doubt anyone will read this as i wont tell them its here, but if you do feel free to comment.