Tuesday, 5 November 2013

few extra oral money shots. at slowboy dusseldorf 2nd november 2013

eye stabbing oral money shots.

 inside the box
 die nerven, both versions rear covers
 signed to a prick.
 both versions.
 gay witch rear cover
 gay witch numbered on the rear.

did somebody mention clowns, its the melvins, get over it.

eye choking oral stabs part 2

 this is most of the 50 numbered edition of the gay witch 12"
 6 designs on left, are prints not the records.
 more prints
 more prints
 and more prints
 clown prints.
 these are records, yes wow, the gay witch sessions art edition. and i dont think anybody bought it.
 die nerven art edition of 50, all lined up and still drying as they only printed them right before the show.

 heres a wall to really wank over, yes these are all records. mostly sold i believe.
 sneak view of some test pressings up top.
 the box. limited to 50, contains unnumbered copy of gay witch 12", a amrep pocket tee with back print and a show poster and flyer. and cool printed box. most sizes available. most were red tees but i heard people say they saw other colours, maybe blue and black. i only saw red.
he looks better as a clown.
yes that is a new melvins kinks cover 7". show version.

eye choking aural stabs amrep show part 3.

this man spent more money on general slowboy stock than on show releases.
 die nerven

 a newborn riot of dreams

 haze was pretty pissed by this point.

20 hours later and im in amsterdam eating a proper chicken burger.
this was nearly enough to wash the aids out of my mouth from that spanish hooker in dusseldorf i thought it wise to eat out.

on my way to eye choking aural stabs slowboy amrep event.

 so, i arrived in dusseldorf way to early, and i dont think there is anything to do in this city if your interests are as few and far between as mine, i did see an audi dealership, i drive an audi, so i took a couple photos of this.

 i went for a walk up to slowboy way way early, like 11 am or something. no one in sight.

 theres some really cool graffiti in this city, heres a load all from under a bridge that runs under the railway lines. close to a brothel, (how would i know a place like that i hear you ask).

 banksy isnt original either, so maybe this is just trying to be like the shit banksy is trying to be like too.

oh and the above photo was from around the corner to the bridge, just to show that you still have talentless retards in germany too.
so after a few long walks around the city, taking in the graffiti, the whore house and a shoe shop, i just sat in a door way for about an hour waiting for friends from holland.
once they arrived we went and got some food.
weird ass chicken burgers that i swear had like honey or something spread in them.