Monday, 6 December 2010

oneida videos from atp dec 2010 just for magic booka.

godspeed atp dec 2010

bands i watched black dice godspeed you!black emperor philip jeck oneida (over 3 hours worth) dead c mike watt and the missingmen neurosis (twice, slightly different sets) borbetomagus nomeansno the ex francisco lopez charlemagne palestine cluster keiji haino daniel menche deerhoof i also saw about 1 minute of weird al, and the first song of scout niblett and now wish i had stayed for more but it clashed with something else. the worst thing i saw very briefly was the sadies. the best things for me was neurosis, the ex, black dice , keiji, and of course oneida.

photo of my wristband is to show that we dont all need to leave it on for the next 6 months as a statement of where we have been for all to see.
cut the fucker off as soon as you get home.