Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Another Travis Bean make over.

original red finish.Travis bean TB500MM NAMM 2014 prototype


flush mount straplocks are possible on a hollow metal guitar after all.

wood refinished with a brass fiber resin mix , burnished to a lustre and aged with a patina to create a metal finish , paintwork done by goodwood finishing.

All breakdown, and reassembly, plus creative thinking for straplocks, and removal of red paint carried out by BoB http://rpguitars.co.uk/

2017, my shortest list yet.

pissed jeans- why love now, purple wax
melvins- atlantic set, limited to 33 handmade covers
cult of luna- mariner , yellow splatter
melvins - stag- haze edition, 122/200 red/blue
melvins/off/redd kross - 10" , 15/100 red/white wax
swans - great annihilator (crappy reissue)
bellringer- jettison, 49/79
hepa titus/teenage larvae- clear wax, rockyshell edition 13/96
dead -the trilogy box set 18/66
the unsemble - s/t
usa/mexico - laredo , green wax
hammerhead- new directionz white wax 112/200
battle of mice- all your sympathy gone
melvins - walk with love and death, pink/violet wax
qui-the bees 7"- oxblood wax
big biz- blacker holes- flexi 7"
dumb numbers- stranger ep olive/oxblood wax
qui with trevor dunn- purple wax

unsane - fix it 7" clear with black/red splatter, wrench cover
cherubs - heroin man- haze edition, yellow rear cover, clear wax with red/orange splatter
bash 17 comp 10" red/orange split wax 50/50 with black splatter
woven skull- they were pebbles 10"
melt banana / napalm death split 7"
 melvins solo lps set of 4 29/140
melvins love and death mackie edition 10/25
crystal fairy - s/t mackie tour edition 26/34 clear wax
dale crover- fickle finger of fate 430/500 black/red wax
liars- tfcf estuary angler edition  red wax

hey colossus- happy birthday
brutus - burst
made out of babies- the ruiner purple marbled wax
unsane- sterilize red wax
seawhores 4x7" poop 13/50
katastrophy wife- heart on 7"
shorty - fresh breath 10"
diamanda galas- all the way
pere ubu- 20 years in a montana missile silo
firewater- get off the cross trans purple wax
electric wizard- bloody wizard  clear wax
dead rider- crew licks
mark lanegan- gargoyle


2017, A man with a gig list

25-02-2017 - Oxford Wheatsheaf - Grub, Downard -I am the man with the sandwich. 

19-05-2017- Oxford Cellar - Brickwork Lizards - I am the Rambler with the sandwich. 

19-06-2017- London Barbican - Diamanda Galas - I am the man talking in the balcony, wishing he had bought front row seats when he had the chance!!!!

25-07-2017 - Oxford Wheatsheaf - Woven skull, gift of blindness - I am the man who has been Blinded to deaf. whatever that even means !!!!!!!!!!!!

18-05-2017 - Camden Unicorn- Poisonous cunt, jawless, DTA, kill bitches to dress foxes-
I am the man with the fake tits. 

12-09-2017- Hackney Round chapel - Blondie - I am the man who worked for 29 hours to pay for a pair of tickets for this show. 

09-10-2017 - Bristol exchange - Melvins, Redd Kross,- I am the man who is willing to admit that i dont like redd kross no matter how much street cred the melvins are giving them. (although weirdly i like Steve playing bass in melvins) 

30-11-2017- Camden dublin castle- pussycat and the dirty johnsons, stuntdriver, polly pik pocketz-
I am the man who knows the way, to BLOCKBUSTER   


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Travis Bean #1141 gets a make-over

Paint work done by http://www.goodwoodfinishing.com/home/
Guitar fully stripped and reassembled complete with full set up and a lot of extra work to improve the quality of the fret board etc by BOB http://rpguitars.co.uk/

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

I'm getting better at staying in.

12/02/2016 - Hackney empire- The Residents -is everybody ready for the picnic in the front row!!!

 13/04/2016- London Forum- Roky Erickson/young husband Roky doesn't seem to play guitar anymore, he pretends to, but there is no volume coming out of it, (this may be his manipulators at work). His backing band are sad uncharismatic losers who don't deserve to share a stage with him (I don't care if these people are his family or whatever). I would have much preferred to have seen Roky actually playing guitar solo with the volume up as no matter how bad that may or may not have been it would have been real. It may have even been as good as this 

18/04/16 - London Scala- Boredoms/ADSL camels
Ba ba ba ba a ba SUPERBASS

21/05/2016- Double dot bash - Reading- Hey colossus/shit and shine/woven skull/grey hairs/martin phone/moonbow/leaf library/the pawnbroker/the 12 hour foundation  The only festival willing to let OLD ERNiE perform in 2016, so therefore my personal favourite. 

17/06/2016- London Koko- Melvins - new bassist with shiny shoes adds a super camp element to the band. I think I liked it and laughed more than any previous melvins shows. they should keep this guy. 

30/06/2016 - Oxford Bully- Brickwork lizards/faith I branko  there is a member of faith i branko that looks just like an adult version of my niece. I remember nothing else about this night. 

02/08/2016 - Bristol Exchange- Dwarves/CJ Ramone/Maid of Ace

 02/09/2016- Oxford Wheatsheaf- Brickwork lizards - fast becoming one of the bands I have seen more than any other band. they must think I am a crazy stalker.

02/10/2016- Oxford wheatsheaf- Unman 
I prefer UNsane. 

13/10/2016 Islington assembly halls - swans not nearly as loud as last time I saw them.
Unman may have been louder!!!

07/11/2016 - London KoKO- Neurosis One member of this band has enough cool to carry the other four, can you guess which one it is?
07/12/2016 Oxford wheatsheaf- Volkenfunk/Deathsex Bloodbath
          Is there tomorrow? 
THERE'S NO TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 23 December 2016


Die Nerven- OUT -blue wax
Julie Xmas- the bad wife - clear splatter black pink etc etc
Dwarves- how to win friends pink wax, pug/ballgag cover
Hewhocannotbenamed- love doll 7" green/green splatter
Hewho -love doll 7" green/black splatter
Hewho- love doll 7" green/silver splatter
Hew time- seconds 3x7" black wax
Us maple- talker
Melvins ft teri gender bender-  rebel girl 7" white wax
Ice age- new brigade.
Halo of flies- music for insect minds art edition 67/100
Uxo - s/t red wax

 Vaz/Dead- split 7" 220/313
Buzzo/tweak bird - split 7" 12/33
Vaz- pink confetti - clear/pink splatter
HOF/gay witch sessions 10" art edition 27/50
Brothers collateral with buzzo lathe cut 7"
Dwarves/svetlanas 7" split white wax
Neurosis- enemy of the sun
Cherubs- fist in the air 2x 7" green wax
Mike and the melvins- loser edition pink cover/white wax
Murder city devils- white ghost
useless children - sky is falling blue wax 229/500
shorty- last one in my mouth 7" white wax
surgical meth machine- s/t pink wax
brothers collateral- cvIII
psychopticotic vol one 10" clear/splatter #143
hepa/titus -suicide is painless pink wax

katastrophy wife- dysrhythmia
carla bozulich -boy
evangelista- hello, voyager
Bosnian rainbows- s/t red wax 486/500
le butcherettes - a raw youth
hey colossus- radio static high red wax
david lynch - crazy clown time
sexton ming- im in love with danny edwards 7"
hepa titus/orphan goggles split 7" yellow cover 9/75
evangelista- prince of truth
woven skull- lair of the glowing bantling
workin' man noise unit- play loud
13th floor elevators- easter everywhere red wax
hepa/titus orphan goggles split 7" grey cover 52/75
king buzzo - rough democracy 7" flexi
henry blacker- summer tombs blue wax
shit and shine- chakin green cover
cargo cult- strange men bearing gifts
shit and shine- cunts with roses

hammerhead- global depression clear/red splatter wax
melvins/mc5 split 7" red wax
melvins - basses loaded
secret chiefs 3- perichoresis
killing joke- pylon
swans- glowing man
shit and shine- tear drops white wax
shit and shine- jealous of.. pink wax
neurosis- times of grace clear wax
big business - command your weather clear/gold spots 206/300
nofx- self entitled
ohgr- welt 385/1000
melvins- timothy leary lives 7" art edition 25/50 tri colour
honky/altamont - split 7" orange
big biz/pins of light split 7" splatter wax
altamont/phantom ships split 7" brown wax
altamont/phantom ships split 7" green/black splatter wax
dumb numbers -2 lp+7" vip edition 432/500

dead-rock is hell boxset
hepa/titus- jailbug 2x7" blue wax
hepa/titus -jailbug 2x7" pink wax
melvins -euthanasia 7" mackie sleeve gold/silver/black splatter wax 45/55
melvins- euthanasia 7" haze sleeve black/gold/silver tri colour
hepa/titus-fm farm weather 15/100 clear/pink splatter wax
melvins-prick haze art edition red/pink wax
melvins-stoner witch haze art edition purple wax
melvins -houdini haze art edition orange wax
unfact- dead wasp 7"

unfact/noveller split white wax
keith levene- search for absolute zero
neurosis-fires within fires red eclipse edition
neurosis- fires within fires bloody clear edition

crystal fairy-necklace of divorce 7" red/black splatter wax
pj harvey -hope six demolition project
residents- rushing like a banshee 7" strawberry edition
residents- rushing like a banshee 7" collector edition 88/100

randy rose- bigfoot beware 7"orange wax
ostrich von nipple- alternates absurbity 7"
ostrich von nipple - swarm suite 10" 44/100
locust fellow and friends- curse of the baleful caller blue splatter wax 41/100
hewho- dont tie me down 7" red wax
hewho -dont tie me down 7" grey wax
hewho- my degeneration red wax
gewalt- szene einer ehe 7"


Monday, 28 November 2016