Monday, 31 December 2012

most my money 2012

team dresch - personal best
vaz- the lie that matches the furniture
the blind shake- seriousness
a butchers waltz- learning curve records comp.
minnesota attacks vol 2 7" - the dames and exercise
400 blows - sickness and health
brainiac- smack bunny baby - green wax
ed hall - gloryhole -test pressing.
ed hall - albert
casus belli - punishment 7"
harvey milk - pleaser - test press
casus belli - return to zero pic disc 7"
janitor joe - bullethead 7" pic disc.
hedonists - womb 7" pic disc.
guzzard - glued - red wax 7"
vertigo - driver #43 purple wax 7"
guzzard - get a wtiness
off -first four 4x7" boxset
easy action - s/t
hedonists- know your angers name 7" white wax
brainiac/bratmobile -split 7"
 heroine shieks - we are the 7"
melvins -night goat 7" white wax
off - live at generation 7"
melvins - yuthanagia flexi 7"
melvins - i like porn 7" black wax
melvins/totimoshi - split 7" pink/white wax
seawhores -forest
vaz- dying to meet you
festering rinyanyons - peaceful easy feelin 7"
shiny beast - distro 7"
melvins -endless residency houdini haze edition test press.
hey colossus - dominant male
melvins/totimoshi - split 7" purple wax
maria and the mirrors - travel sex
melvins/u-men -split
melvins/cows -split
shellac - schellack 7"
guzzard -into the vortex
mark lanegan band- blues funeral green wax
shinji masuko -woven music
servotron - parts 10"
calvin krime - you're feeling so attractive
chokebore- anything near water
cosmic psychos- oh what a lovely pie
dope guns and fucking vol 4-7 comp.
feedtime- billy
gaunt- yeah me too
gnomes of zurich- 33rd degree burns
guzzard- quick fast in a hurry
lollipop- dog piss on dog
love 666- american revolution
love 666- please kill yourself so i can rock
lowercase- all destructive urges
lowercase- kill the lights
s.w.a.t- deep inside a cops mind
supernova- ages 3 and up
janitor joe- lucky
melvins - 8 songs black wax
white hills - h-p1 yellow/clear wax
melvins/unsane split 7" tri colour
melvins/unsane split 7" silver sleeve 13/75
unsane -wreck
electric wizard- legalise drugs and murder 7" clear wax
surgery- feedback 7"
sister double happiness - dont worry 7"
the powers that be - crude sound 7" pic disc
mama tick- breathe out 7" pic disc
cherubs- pink party dessert 7"
guzzard- pinch 7" green sleeve
shorty- kaput 7"
pain teens- born in blood
ruins- alone
residents- cube e live in holland
babes in toyland- handsome and gretal 7" pink wax 73/100
mudhoney- fudgepack brown wax
jesus lizard -shot red wax
electric wizard- we live purple wax
 roky erickson- true love cast out all evil
rubble- the farewell drugs
melvins- endless residency rock is hell test pressing set.
foetus- ache
mama tick- horsedoctor 7" with comic
ufo or die- comic 7"
space streakings- comic 7"
high on fire/ruins split with comic 7"
black pus- down down da drain 7" green wax
fetish 69- pig blood
u.s maple- long hair in three stages
scout niblett- i am
big business- quadruple single orange wax
fantomas- delirium cordia
wipers- silver sail
the dicks- these people
drum eyes- gira gira
foot village- anti magic
naked city- torture garden
revolting cocks- you goddamned son of a bitch
pig-  a poke in the eye.............
bongwater- breaking no new ground
godflesh- songs of love and hate
godflesh- pure
godflesh- selfless
boredoms- rebore vol 2
harvey milk - yer mouse gets my dander up 7"
carter tutti void - transverse pic 7"
tomahawk- eponymous to anonymous
brainiac- bonsai superstar
melvins- bride screamed moider- dalek sleeve
torche- harmonicraft +pow wow flexi
melvins/off -split
melvins/killdozer -split
dirt- shemale sugar pussy
melvins/totimoshi -split 7" green tour edition 176/500
seawhores- blunt force to the everything
L-seven - insanity 7"
brothers of the sonic cloth/mico de noche split 10"
ruby falls- heroines
stargirl ep- comp 2x7"
swans- drainland/sacrificial cake  3xlp
unsane- grind yellow flexi
jah wobble and keith levene- mississippi
melvins/malfunkshun -split, box edition.
off- s/t white wax
melvins/hammerhead- pic disc x5 artists versions 7"
useless children- post ending pre completion
melvins- mangled demos 2x10" test press
melvins- with yo heart 7" red wax
dale crover- drumb 7" test press
pigs- you ruin everything blue wax
seawhores- opus magnanimous blue wax
uncle acid and the deadbeats- bloodlust clear/purple wax
shiny beast and regraped split.
kilslug- sins trick and lies 11" red wax. plays backwards
revolting cocks- do ya think im sexy 12" clear wax ky jelly cover
tar- feel this 7" blue wax
the ex- catch my shoe
zach hill- face tat
prurient- times arrow- purple wax
 melvins/seawhores split
fatso jetson- toasted green wax
atelecine -omnibus boxset
cranes- wings of joy+ starblood 12"
liars- WIXIW
wonk unit- pwoision and his aquatic knowledge 7"
pil- this is
black flag- my war
black congress-davidians 7"
black congress- defeated 7"
angels of light- we are him
hawks- pushover white/pink splatter wax
electric wizard- satyr decibel flexi
weird party- secret lives of men 7"
weird party- honey slides 7"
weird party- hussy
easy action- friends of rock and roll red/black wax
clockcleaner- nevermind
halo of flies- headburn
gnomes of zurich- disspenser 7"
gnomes of zurich- where poland meets africa 7"
halo of flies- human fly 7" gold wax
hag -s/t
liars- they threw us all in a trench..........
liars- drums not dead
hawks/cafe flesh -split 2x7" trans gold wax
hawks- barnburner
hawks- rub white wax
pere ubu- modern dance grey cover version 763/1000
man or astroman- analog series vol 1 7" clear wax
hex machine- fixator
melvins- ozma test press
swans- the seer
jon spencer blues explosion - extra width
dwarves/riptides - stillborn in the usa brown wax
melvins -freak puke dave cooper version
melvins- freak puke mackie version
blind shake- carmel
melvins- freak puke tara mcpherson version
gnomes of zurich- will to fail 7"
sisters of mercy- floodland
melvins - freak puke taxali version
lollipop- live at reptillion 7"
hot rock action vol 1- repltillian records comp 7"
melvins- freak puke- skinner version
melvins/isis -split test press with proof art.
melvins 1983 10" cover 1
melvins 1983 10" cover 2
melvins 1983 10" cover 3
melvins 1983 10" cover 4
melvins- bulls and the bees 10" silver/red cover lime green wax
melvins/butthole surfers split
melvins/die kreuzen/necros./negative approach split
totimoshi -avenger purple wax
unsane- scattered smothers and covered
big business- wild kingdom 7" gold wax.
hewhocannotbenamed- sunday school massacre red wax bonus cover 18/30
atelecine- entkopplung green wax
gay witch abortion- opporntunistic smokescreen behavior orange wax
L7 - hungry for stink
melvins- electroretard bootleg
girls against boys- you cant fight what you cant see orange wax
maria and the mirrors- gemini enjoy my life
melvins -electroretard TEST PRESSING
melvins/patton oswalt split TEST PRESSING
man or astroman- analog series vol 2 clear wax
melvins/mudhoney split 7" - band picture cover 166/500
enon- because of you 7"
enon -listen 7"
enon- normal is happening 7"
enon- drowning appointments 7"
enon- starcastic 7"
enon- evidence 7"
enon- marbles explode 7" blue wax
enon- fly south 7"
big sexy noise- s/t +dvd
lightning bolt- oblivion hunter
jk flesh- posthuman 249/500
lowercase- the going away present
lustmord- zoetrope
lustmord- the monstrous soul
shock headed peters- life extinguisher
grotus- mass
lead into gold- chicks and speed futurism 12"
god- breach birth 12" with spv press sheet
mount shasta- who's the hottie
arcwelder- pull
coil- horse rotorvator
residents- title in limbo
uzeda- 4
liars- they were wrong so we drowned-white wax
cherubs- carjack fairy 7" blue wax- 144/1000
mono- hymn to the immortal wind
dead rider- the raw dents
hammerhead- duh the big city 7"
butthole surfers- hurdy gurdy man 7" gold wax
halo of flies- winged 7"
copshootcop- piece man 7"
dwarves- lick it 7"
big'n- discipline through sound
fat day- iguanadonaland

27/01/12 -oxford modern art - new noveta, listing ships, menacles of acid.
                            think i was the only person there that really enjoyed what new noveta were doing, it was great.

28/01/12 - islington buffalo bar - kunt and the gang my mum calls him kurt and the gang.

16/02/12 - islington buffalo bar - hey colossus, liberez , the lowest form.of shit

18/02/12 - dalston shacklewell arms - high places.

09/03/12 - atp minehead - charlemange palestine, the fall, the raincoats, half japanese, mike watt and george hurley
                          thurston moore, jon spencer blues explosion.

10/03/12 - atp minehead - boredoms, earth, scratch acid, plus little bits of low, joanna newsom, yamantaka/sonic titan

11/03/12 - atp minehead - boredoms , and a little bit of sun ra arkestra, and the magic band.

12/03/12 - london garage - scratch acid, blacklisters.david yow sure made blacklisters look like a bunch of pussies.

17/03/12 - oxford zodiac - killing joke , icarus line .

24/03/12 - islington lexington - white hills.

31/03/12 - london forum - electric wizard, witchsorrow enough of the cut of denim jackets with patches already.

02/04/12 - camden electric ballroom - helmet.

07/04/12 - dalston cafe oto - michael gira, grouper.even retards like gira, if you dont like gira you are worse than a retard.

12/04/12 - islington union chapel - manorexia. thirlwell checking his emails to a string quartet.

19/05/12 - p risborough george and dragon - kunt and the gang, devil fork.

22/05/12 - brum town hare and hounds - harvey milch.

25/05/12 - shoreditch village underground - jah wobble and keith levene.
                  this could have been amazing, but it was ruined because they had some john lydon impersonator from a sex pistols tribute band on vocals. i dont know what jah wobble and keith were thinking. they should have just done it instrumental then this would have been amazing. but the stupid lydon wannabe really killed this show.

25/05/12 - atp alexandra palace - melvins.blah

26/05/12 - atp alexandra palace - floor, harvey milk, mudhoney, bit of soft moon and codeine.

28/05/12 - concorde 2 brighton - melvins.blah

04/06/12 - camden underworld - big business, unsane, bossk

06/06/12 - shep bush empire - the offspring

12/06/12 - camden koko - nurse with wound, sunno)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

12/06/12 - shep bush empire - nofx (i actually crowd surfed for the first time in many years during theme from a nofx album)

20/06/12 - london garage - off! , trash talk, ( hate there music but trash talk was great fun, there was a midgit crowd surfing
for fucks sake, singer really new how to perform, made off! look tame)

01/07/12 - islington acadamy upstairs small room - lydia lunch, the cesarians, das fluff, before the show lydia walked up to
me and hugged me for no reason other than because i obviously give of sexual vibes hahahahaha.

04/07/12 - brum town rainbow warehouse - unsane, big business, stinky wizzleteat.

06/07/12 - oxford zodiac - soulfly, why oh why did i bother, it was local and i dont mind a few bits of sepultura,
but fuck was this awful. total waste of £17, i left within 30 minutes and even that felt like i was giving them my time
generously, of course everyone else in the audience thought this was amazing, max giving it the devil horns and throwing
bottled water over the crowd. alot of people were wearing the same soulfly tour shirt , that was the most amusing thing of
the evening, on the drive home i picked up a cowley road hooker and slit her throat. then i buried her out the back of the
oxford business park. and this is all soulflys fault.

13/07/12 - dalston cafe oto - minibus pimps. steve noble and sebastian lexer. this was impossible for me to enjoy because
someone crashed into the back of my car when i was about a minute away from the venue, and then they tried to drive off,
i chased and caught them, was a dead end street there mistake or there surrender??? anyway after much fucking around i
eventually got to the gig in the wrong frame of mind for what may well have been awful music anyway, but i feel i wasnt in
the best mood to give it a fair judgement. but in my heart i think this was probly crap john paul jones or not.

18/07/12 - brum town wagon and horse - shit and shine,fickle twin.

20/07/12 - london forum - ministry (not a million miles away from the soulfly experience but i stayed the duration)

11/08/12 - london forum - PIL , they really do attract a strange audience, by strange i mean total normal lads out for a
good time with there amazing social group, maybe those butter adverts really exposed him to a more middle class fanbase.
i felt about as out of place here as i did at soulfly but for all the wrong reasons, pil should have a decent audience.

30/08/12 - shep bush hall - cranes, richard walters, yeah i go to london and the support bands some shit singer songwriter
from oxford. i hate oxford, i hate being from oxford, i go to london to get away from oxford.

31/08/12 - ryans bar stoke newington - hawks, hag, ginola, silent front.
i liked hawks more before i saw them and realised how much the singer wants to be david yow. ginola had the same problem
but he wanted to be steve albini. hag came across as the most honest. and i like there lp

05/10/12 - st john at hackney church - fushitsusha , ive seen keiji haino twice before, both of them times were way better than
this. maybe it was sitting in traffic for 3 hours on the way that ruined it for me. or maybe it was the fact that i had to pay
to park the car on the church grounds. maybe it was the fact that it was in a big church. or maybe it was the fact that after
being stuck in traffic i needed a piss really bad and on arrival at the church learnt that we were being subjected to rentaloos
out in the car park, so i was literally having to take a piss outside in the rain. i want my money back you religious bastards.

13/10/12 - oxford zodiac - julian cope. what a pleasant funny guy, really enjoyed this.

19/10/12 - brum town supersonic custard factory - modified toy orchestra, hey colossus, j k flesh, dj scotch bonnet with
koyxen and sensational. that sensational guy trying to rap was hilarious.

20/10/12 - oxford bully - liars, part of some shit all day festival, liars were due on at 11 or so but it ended up being 2am.
and then for whatever reason they played about 2 songs and then said they couldnt play, some technical difficultis or someshit.
yannis from foals was chatting to me and i asked him "am i supposed to know who you are" as other people seemed to be wanting
to tell him how great his second album was. liars was great, i think i was the only person who was fine about them walking off
im just glad SOMETHING happened. shit they could have played a really boring hour set. this was great.

15/11/12 - camden koko - swans, sir richard bishop.

28/11/12 - shep bush empire - dirty three, and caught the end of zun zun egui.

30/11/12 - atp camber sands - oxbow, uzeda, mono.

01/12/12 - atp camder sands - the cravats, 3 second kiss, kash, arcwelder,red fang, melt banana, kim deal, shannon wright,

02/12/12 - atp camber sands - nina nastasia, bear claw, the membranes, future of the left, gay witch abortion,
                              mission of burma, dead rider, the ex, shellac.
                               best bits for me, dead rider, and melt banana.

04/12/12 - london forum - mark lanegan band, creature with the atom brain. fuck me was this awful. those creature guys just
sounded like nice friendly light rock shit suitable for radio and not likely to offend anyone. what really ruined it for me
was when mark lanegan came on and it appeared these douche nozzles from the support band were playing as his backing band.
lanegans voice was great, and he did his whole stand there looking angry thing fine but he needs a decent band to bring life
into it live, and these guys sure as hell didnt, i saw him in  2003 at the mean fiddler, and that was great, he needs
that backing band, think it had troy van leeuwen with him, as enemy was supporting, and i seem to remember his backing band
was pretty much enemy. so lanegan, bring back enemy next time.

so not a bad year, favourite bits of the top of my head ummmm michael gira solo at cafe oto, melt banana and dead rider at atp, boredoms at atp, scratch acid both london and atp were great, and of course trash talk. pleased to see keith levene playing guitar but shame they had stupid lydon wannabe singing.

worst stuff, i thought blacklisters were shit. icarus line were shit.pretty much every support band was shit. apart from sunno))))))))))))), who were shit headlining, i actually went to that to watch nurse with wound in the support slot. and nurse with wound were far more entertaining. should be called SUNNzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz , i endured sunns set so that was an achievement. yay for me!