Saturday, 31 December 2011

times i left the house 2011

28/01/11- inn on the green london- anarchistwood, suburban mousewife, dirty honky.

5/02/11 wheatsheaf oxford- agness pike

22/02/11 o2 acadamy birmingham - rob zombie.

23/02/11 regal oxford- mogwai

26/02/11 wheatsheaf oxford- vileswarm, listing ships, the oscillation.

5/03/11 o2 acadamy islington- fumanchu

2/04/11 jericho tavern oxford- esben and the witch, teeth of the sea.

3/04/11 forum london- kyuss

16/04/11 sunflower lounge birmingham- anarchistwood,rude mechanicals,wrapped in plastic.

13/05/11 roundhouse london- nitzer ebb, non, carter-tutti-nik void.

14/05/11 roundhouse london- liars, the residents, s.c.u.m, laibach, poppy and the jezebels.

28/05/11 bush hall london- bitter ruin, melissa auf der maur.

1/06/11 zodiac oxford- s.c.u.m , the kills

4/06/11 buffalo bar london- holy state, duke garwood, OXBOW

16/06/11 forum london- godflesh.

12/07/11 underworld london- unsane , dám

16/07/11 jazz cafe london - tom tom club

26/07/11 madam jojos london- shit and shine, evol.

6/08/11 o2 acadamy islington london.- jello biafra guantanamo school of medicine.

3/09/11 soho theatre london- neil hamburger.

15/09/11 purple turtle camden london- anarchistwood

15/09/11 cafe oto london- z'ev, katsura yamauchi, sylvia hallet

23/09/11 lexington london- trash kit, peepholes, UT

30/09/11 the globe cardiff- melvins

21/10/11 supersonic festival brimingham- drumcunt, part chimp, scotch egg, mike watt and the missingmen, secret chiefs 3.

29/10/11 gebaude 9 koln germany- melvins.

3/11/11 electric ballroom london- melvins

5/11/11 north wall arts centre oxford- terje isungset + lena nymark "ice music"

12/11/11 jericho tavern oxford- karma to burn

13/11/11 cafe oto london- evangelista, azita

16/11/11 jericho tavern oxford- acid mothers temple, praxis bold, assign llamas

17/11/11 underworld london- the dwarves

18/11/11 rainbow birmingham- rock legends the dwarves.+girl spit.

2/12/11 zodiac oxford- wire

23/12/11 underworld london- death in june.

worst bands of the year, teeth of the sea, dám, karma to burn, praxis bold, assign llamas, girl spit.
all of them were awful, teeth of the sea i have seen before, and i know i hate them,
especially because the guitarist has a pointy guitar, and when he starts playing it behind his head without any irony whatsoever, i know ill never be able to like them.
girl spit were ammusing, and werent nearly as cool or crazy as they thought they were. singer seemed like he might actually be mentally retarded. he also has a stupid tattoo on his face that only a mentally retarded person would think is cool.
praxis bold and assign llamas were a double dose of shite, but thankfully acid mothers temple were great that night, so i was at least able to go home feeling like i gained something from my evening, which is more than i can say for the night wasted seeing karma to burn. fucking posers. i want my money back, even though it was a charity gig.
and dám, the stupid band that suported unsane made me angry at the fact that whoever booking the gig felt it was fair to make us the paying customers who came to see unsane, have to put up with such utter wank, they in no way deserved to be playing a support slot for a touring band,

other dissapointing acts were wire and death in june, i actually left after about 40 mins of death in june, it started of ok, with drums and samples, but once the 12string came out it just becomes boring.maybe at the end he did some crazy industrial shit but i couldnt be bothered to wait and find out.
wire just seemed old. and boring, they didnt even play heartbeat, which has appropriate lyrics, "i feel old, i feel cold".
i did stick out there entire set but it was like watching your uncle trying to rock out.

best gigs, unsane, finally seen them, which was pleasing as they were the last band on my list of bands i was annoyed not to have seen yet.

dwarves london show was a laugh, birmingham i watched from a far as other people had the same kind of fun i had had the previous night.

melvins shows in cardiff and london were good, i felt like shit at germany one and even went a bought a pizza during there set.

non(boyd rice) was one of the most intense live shows i have ever seen, and is up there as one of the best performances i have ever seen.

secret chiefs 3 were everything i could have hoped they would be. amazing.

terje isungset "ice music" was one of the most unique things i have ever seen and i enjoyed it more than the local zine reviewer did judging by his review.

acid mothers temple was probly one of the 5 loudest most deafening gigs i have ever been too.
s.c.u.m too were loud in london but didnt seem so loud when i saw them in oxford.

every record i bought in 2011.

Godzik pink-drill 7”
Novocaine - pond life 7”
Wildildlife/flood -volcom split 7”
Electric wizard -black masses die hard box version.
anarchistwood- no.36 7”
Unsane - occupational hazard picture disc.
Electric wizard -black masses green wax.
Harvey milk -small turn of human kindness grey wax.
Melvins -bride screamed moider haze art.
Melvins- bride screamed moider junko art.
Melvins - bride screamed moider baseman art.
Melvins / malfunksion split. 7”
Mogwai- hardcore will never die but you will box version.
Scout niblett - the calcinations of
Girls against boys - freak#on#ica
Brainiac - smack bunny baby white wax.
Halo of flies - richies dog live 7”
Melvins - scion remix
Harvey milk/ hayride - pals forever.
Pelican - s/t silver lettering.
Nisennenmondai - marching 7”
Electric wizard -black masses blue red burst wax.
Hammerhead- ressurrecto komrade kommunist skuid test pressing.
Hammerhead - ressurrecto faces of death monkey art.
Melvins - barbaraal 7” +zine.
Esben and the witch - violet cries
Vaz /sicbay split 7”
Vertigo -rub 7”
Dandruff deluxe 7”
Tad - live blowpop bootleg 7”
boneyard -dirty poor 7”
Gearjammer - horsepower 2000 7”
Get hustle - who do you love 7”
Get hustle - ive got a gun 7”
Plainfield - lot 120 ave 7”
Dope guns and fucking volume 11 7” comp.
Laibach - rekapitulacija 1980-1984 box set.
Lightning bolt - wonderful rainbow
Lightning bolt - hyper magic mountain.
Daughters- hell songs , screen printed cover version.
Get hustle - now we’re all gone
Diamanda galas - saint of the pit.
Vaz- demonstrations in Micronesia -creamy yellow wax.
Roky Erickson - gremlins have pictures.
snake finger - against the grain.
Alice donut- the biggest ass.
Daughters- Canada songs -spray painted cover version.
Diamanda galas - you must be certain of the devil.
Boredoms - super roots 7
Boredoms- super roots 8
arc welder- entropy
Bastards- exploding man
Lubricated goat - paddock of love
Vertigo -s/t
The fluid - clear black paper
400 blows- angels trumpets and devils trombones
400 blows - average guy 7”
White shit- carry me 7”
Eric Copeland - Puerto rican 7”
Soft circle- shore obsessed
Melvins/jon spencer - black betty, standard sleeve splatter wax.

grinder man- evil 12”
grinder man - palaces of Montezuma.
Oxbow -king of the Jews -original, not the reissue that came out this year.
Melvins -the end, -black cover variant.
Neurosis -sovereign , record store day reissue.
Killdozer ft tom hazelMeyer 7”
Dwarves- we must have blood 7”
Dwarves- I will deny you 7”
John parish and pj Harvey - dance hall at louse point.
Tad- inhaler.
Girlst against boys - tropic of scorpio
Best of Ralph records comp.

Whitehouse - cream of the second coming
Melt banana - cell scape.
Killdozer -snake boy test pressing.
Melvins/mudhoney - just sixteen shitty boot.
L7 -slap happy
Gay witch abortion - halo of flies sessions.
Gay witch abortion - maverick
Melvins - with yo’ heart, white cover / yellow wax,
Thrones /sedan - split.
Dwarves - are born again.
Harvey milk - I do not know how to live my life 7”
Mondo generator - hell comes to your heart 7”
Dwarves -no balls 10” red wax.
Hewhocannotbenamed - Sunday school massacre -yellow wax.
Candy now vs. Stacey dee 10”
Hex machine -omen mas
Gear jammer - two tons of chrome.
Melvins -bride screamed moider molly Osborne art.
Melvins - bride screamed moider , haze tour edition, ltd ten copies.
Dwarves -stop me 5”
Melvins / cosmic psychos - gearhead test pressing. 7”
Adam mcewen - obituaries . (melvins)
Melvins - love canal - 5” pink test press.
Electric wizards -come my fanatics reissue.
Jarboe -13 masks.
Lubricated goat- shadenfreude.
Earth - angels of darkness demons of light.
Grant hart - you’re the reflection, amrep numbers run of 25, blue wax.
Blink shake -labour day 7” red.
Book of right on /the drub - split 7”
h.o.f / hepa-titus - split , retard,ism icon 13 art.
White shi’ite - 10”
You weren’t there -Chicago punk comp.
Teenage larvae -songs for pigs 10”
Oxbow/kill kill kill - split 7”
Todd/part chimp -split 7”
400 blows - sore thumb 7”
Young widows/melt banana -split 7”
Melt banana -initial t 7”
Todd-vvitch 7”
Nurse with wound - musty odour of pierced rectums.
Apatt/peepholes -split
Oneida-the wedding
Liars - s/t white.
Zola jesus -stridulum II
Esben and the witch- chorea
Enon - grass geysers carbon clouds.
Best coast - crazy for you
Girls against boys- blackhole promo
Hag - s/t
Jello biafra guantanamo scholl of medicine - enhanced methods.
More ram - dollar car 7”
Shit and shine - 229-2299 girls against shit.
Copshootcop- ten dollar bill 12”
Nomeansno - why do they call me mr happy.
mudhoney- my brother the cow +7”
Sinead o connor - I do not want what I haven’t got.
Sugar -copper blue
Nick cave and the bad seeds- your funeral my trial
s.c.u.m - amber hands
Foot village / super khoumeissa split.
Melvins - bride screamed moider coop artwork.
Melvins - bride screamed moider buzz artwork.
Melvins - bride screamed moider adam jones artwork.
Stewart lee - pea green boat 10”
clockcleaner- skin headed lady 7”
clockcleaner - frogrammer 7”
Harvey milk - I got a love test press 7”
Melvins - bride screamed moider mackie artwork.
Melvins - Houdini shitty red bootleg.
Cutthroats 9- you should be dead 7”
Easy action - friends of rock and roll 7”
Easy action - dead of night 7”
Thrall - I want you 7”
Dwarves/ Royce cracker split 7”
Bacchus- black December 7”
Halo of flies - snapping black roscoe bottles 7”
s.w.a.t - soundtrack to the new police state 7”
Unsane -sick 7” , trans pink wax.
Unsane - sick 7” test press. Black wax.
Jj paradise players club - teddy salad 7”
Melvins- bullhead test press.
anarchistwood- situationist normal
Mark d- value of decay 3lp box set.
Melvins - endless residency 8lp black boxset.
Anna oxygen- meet Jennifer 7”
godhead silo- thee friendship village 7”
Ooioo - s/t
deer hoof- green cosmos.
Mocket - pro forma.
Stars kill rock comp.
Melvins- bride screamed moider aesthetic apparatus artwork.
Onieda /mugstar split, limited grey wax.
Primus - green naugahyde- +skate deck.
Team dresch- captain my captain.
Melvins/ jon spencer- black betty art version.7”
Melvins/jon spencer -black betty another art version. 7”
Melvins -endless residency - stoner witch haze xxl test press ¼
Melvins- endless residency - bullhead haze xxl test press. ¼
godhead silo- booby traps 7”
Boom and the legion of doom- Detroit, blue test press.
Mocket- pro forma test press.
Non- pagan muzak first press , signed by boyd.
Melvins- endless residency Lysol/eggnog haze xxl test press ¼
Cows/headcleaner split 7”
Maximum avant cruelty comp 7”
Mark d- 5 skull bake 7”
Brainiac- superduperseven 7”
Helios creed- the warming 7”
Hammerhead- peep/u.v picture disc 7”
Tad- loser 7” green wax.
God bullies- how low can you go 7”
Bastards- neighbor 7”
Shorty- niggerhat 7”
Ruins- 0”33” 7”
Drunk tank- missing 7”
u.s maple- stuck/when a man 7” clear wax.
Live at emo’s vol 2 comp 7” (unsane ,steel pole bathtub)
jabberjaw vol 1 comp 7” (hammerhead/helmet)
God bullies- join satans army 2x7”
Unsane- this town 7” blue cover.
Easy action- do it cuz I can 7” red wax.
Dwarves -fake I.d pink swirl 10”
Halo of flies- garbage rock
Killdozer- intellectuals are the shoeshine boys…….
Enon-on hold
Neurosis - souls at zero
Neurosis - pain of mind alchemy pressing
u.s maple - sang phat editor
Brick layer cake- tragedy
Alice donut- bucketfuls of sickness……..
No balls - less
Enon- hocus pocus
Cherubs- icing.
Shellac- at action park, misprinted sleeve
psychoplasma- radio flies
Milk cult- love god
Carla bozulich- evangelista
Evangelista- in animal tongue
Seawhores- the hunt is on , math I original collage edition.
Teho teardo/ jg stairwell - santarcangelo split 7”
Acid mothers temple- ripper at the heavens gate of dark
Dwarves- we only came to get high , glow in the dark 7”
Hepa/titus- giving brain pt 2
Melvins- your choice live test press
Pj Harvey- let England shake
Scout niblett- kiss 7”
Jesus lizard- club
Vaz- chartreuse bull
Melvins- a senile animal black wax.
Melvins- a senile animal orange printed box version.
Melvins- a senile animal test press.
Melvins- endless residency orange wax box set.
Big business- mind the drift test press.
Ufo Gestapo - s/t
Part chimp/torche - split.
Melvins- with yo’ heart pink wax
Melvins- with yo’ heart white cover purple wax.
Wino/scott kelly - split 7”
Toti moshi- viva Zapata 7”
Best coast /jeff the brotherhood - split 7”
Melvins- endless residency- amrep wood box version.
Secret chiefs 3- forms 7”
Secret chiefs 3- traditionalists
Secret chiefs 3- first grand constitution and bylaws.
Secret chiefs 3- second grand constitution and bylaws
Melvins/toti moshi - split 7” green wax
Mark lanegan band- the gravediggers song 7”.
Brainiac/lazy - split 7”.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

big business mind the drift finally put away.

so i think big business "mind the drift" came out on vinyl around may/june 2009.
when it arrived i loved the album.
and due to my heavy playing of it and my dislike of the sealing bags hydrahead use on there records, i have never put the record back in its gatefold.
instead it has remained on my "playing" pile for over 2 years.

but today (6/12/11)-6th of december to any americans reading/ i got this in the post.

although its a test press it appears to be one they used for playing purposes in vacation. so seeing as its all scratched and shit anyway, it will now become my playing copy. that will never be put away.
but still i felt funny after all these years to be putting this in its sleeve, back in its annoying bag with sticky top flap and filing the record away.