Saturday, 2 January 2010

i couldnt say it better myself so i stole this from

The Two-headed Beast of the Decade: The MP3. Yes, I download a lot of stuff. For example the stuff Henry and I (by far mostly Henry) post on this very site. But I confine my DLing to what it should be: oddball, unreleased, live, hopelessly out of print, demos, and the otherwise unattainable. In that aspect the MP3 is a priceless treasure. But if you went to some blog-spot or torrent site and downloaded a lousy bit rate version of the last Torche album (for example), you can fuck right off. You have nothing. And deserve it. And don’t give me that tired line of “but I live in a tiny, squalled, town with no cool place to get stuff”. If you have computer for stealing it, it’s easier than ever to mail order anything over the web. Like I’ve said before, I can’t wait until some 16 year-old Russian kid invents the super virus the erases every MP3 library in the world. Then what will you have? Jack fucking squat that’s what. I’ll have my LP, my CD, my 7” – for they are objects. But you? You and your precious download just screwed everybody from the musicians themselves, to the graphic designers, to the engineers, to the pressing plant workers, to even the poor slobs that stick the damn things in a box and tape it up. Not to mention, ya know the fucking stores that kill themselves trying to remain a part of the culture. MUSIC IS TANGIBLE. I can hold a record in my hand, place it in your hand, and keep it on my shelf. You, you Internet only asshats, can - right click, save as, fuck off.

Friday, 1 January 2010

bands ive seen in 2009

electric six (oxford)
keyboard choir (oxford)
pj harvey (oxford)
nofx (london)
jesus lizard and harvey milk (london)
throbbing gristle x2 and s.c.u.m (london)
gary numan (oxford)
nissenenmondai (oxford)
jarboe and head of david (supersonic festival birmingham)
teeth of the sea and oneida (london)
dinosaur jr (oxford)
jello biafra and the guantanamo school of medicine (london)
electric wizard (birmingham)
the slits (southampton)
light trap and transitional and oxbow (birmingham)
the fall (oxford)
porn and witch and the melvins (london)

not a bad year for gigs in oxford, i refuse to mention in the above list that i saw some really bad folk bands at the jericho tavern one night , i believe piney gir was amongst them. i also saw some terrible support bands, the worst being whoever supported jello biafra in london and the band that supported the slits in southampton.
best gigs from the list though would have to be nissenenmondai , jesus lizard the slits . also ive seen the melvins 6 times over the years and this was the best show for them too, mainly due to the garage being such a good little venue.
the hardest gig to watch was s.c.u.m as i hate strobe lights, they were also the loudest band of the year, so much respect to them for having such a difficult show to watch.
most amusing band isnt on the above list but barry and the beachcombers supported this band in northampton one night, i didnt like there music but the singer is a real life tommy saxondale, worth seeing purely for the between song chatter.