Thursday, 24 December 2015

not as much $$$$ as previous years

Helmet- seeing eye dog
dale crover- united fruit 7" black/silver
einsturzende neu bauten - lament
seawhores- the hunt is on , side A original collage sleeve

sexton ming- protect and survive
melvins/karp sugar daddy split
yob- catharsis clear with black/white/gold splatter
electric wizard- time to die
melvins - jam 7" red/black splatter
melvins- throbbing gristle 7" black/red/white splatter + flexi
brothers of the sonic cloth s/t lp
boss hog s/t with slipmat
silverfish- fat axl
cherubs -carjack fairy 62/90 production fuck ups variant

floor -s/t grey wax
helmet- stuck 7"  red with yellow/white splatter
sly and the family drone- unnecessary woe
lightning bolt- fantasy empire
qui/hepa-titus 7" split purple wax
qui- grace of a ballerina 7" red wax
katastrophy wife- liberty belle 7"
dwarves- gentleman blag 7"
dwarves- trailer trash 7"
p.w.long- god bless the drunkards dog
francis harold and the holograms- white bull weeps from valhalla

melvins- bride screamer murder 2xlp 51/100 art edition
400 blows - black rainbow
altamont- monkeys uncle
seawhores- the hunt is on 2lp sides  a+b  #43

melvins- throbbing gristle 7" tri colour
melvins- jam 7" tri colour
melvins/le butcherettes 10" red/black splatter
david yow- roadhouse 7" lathe cut 12/26

dwarves -radio free censored version
cherubs- 2ynfynyty white/black splatter
cherubs- heroin man

cows vol 2 10"number 52 green/silver wax
gay witch abortion 10" 2 rats and a pimp #40 black/gold wax
hepa/titus -touched by god 7" black/red/white
cherubs / slug split 7"
mama tick 7" action city
d rider- mother of curses
dwarves -sluts of the usa 7"
dwarves- radio free x rated edition

shorty-thumb days
dope guns and fucking vol 13 red/black/white band edition
melvins- beer hippy 10" yellow/red splatter
pigs- wronger orange wax
pil- what the world needs now
beat happening/screaming trees split 12"
psychic tv- snakes

dwarves-blood guts and pussy red wax
cherubs - carjack fairy 7" white wax
dale crover/qui split 7" 
dumb numbers 3x 10" black/haze 654/975


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

I should have stayed home 2015

24/01/15-modern art oxford- brickwork lizards / bethany weimers 
 dance with the devil to the beat of the grammer 

30/01/15-wheatsheaf oxford - workin man noise unit/ grey hairs
this time last year something far more special happened here. (25/01/14)

14/02/15- the others stoke newington - lampost gullivers -unstoppable achievers -not right
not the first time ive ended up seeing an oxford music person in london, and wont be the last. 

22/02/15 florence park community centre oxford -brickwork lizards
when gemma said we were gonna see tomahawk , i thought we were gonna see duane denison's band, unfortunately neither tom o'hawk of the b w lizards or duane denison were here this time.
28/02/15 vinyl depford - cos chapman
this was definitely good, but to long ago now for me to remember why. 

07/03/15 -the vault waterloo- charlie tuesday gates "sing for your life"
the adverts for this made it sound way better than it was. 

29/03/15 oxford playhouse -stewart lee
i remember a good joke about the swastika, and a lot of other stuff that will most likely be cut if this ever goes on tv. 

24/04/15 - sly and the family drone / young conservative
as someone who considers himself a musician, my main problem with watching other bands is that i find myself bored, solution!!! let me join in, and this is what happens with sly and the family drone, most fun gig of the year for sure, i didnt look at the time once. 

02/05/15 -the others stoke newington - gardyloo spew/ schaedogeddon /black crack

09/05/15 - electrowerkz islington- andi sex gang/ creeping terrors
i once had a blow job during a gig at this venue but that wasnt tonight. 

10/05/15 - dingwalls camden- the dwarves/ autopsy boys/ generation graveyard
i remember some really really bad support band tonight, worst band of the year, it could have been autopsy boys or generation graveyard, i cant remember which, so AVOID BOTH or risk ear and eye rape. 

20/05/15 - motion bristol - swans
ear rape of the best kind. anyone wearing ear plugs hier should just stay at home. 

26/05/15 shep bush empire- babes in toyland/ pins
i felt sorry for every girl in this entire venue that could only dream of being as cool as kat bjelland. 

27/06/15 - barbican london - boredoms

31/07/15 - the others stoke newington - the v-1's/deathsex bloodbath

18/08/15 - 100 club london - pissed jeans/ ceremony
ceremony were trying waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy toooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13/09/15 - bristol exchange- melvins / big business
was gemma the only person in the whole venue who preferred big business ha. 

30/10/15 - the others stoke newington- rude mechanicals/bad suburban nightmare/jane ruby/we are a communist
coolest looking drummer award goes to that guy whos name i forget from rude mechanicals 

15/11/15 bullingdon oxford- brickwork lizards/ simon davies

24/11/15 garage london- psychic tv.
they actually played this venue the previous night, if i was there i definitely wouldnt have come back for round 2.