Saturday, 1 January 2011

gigs 2010

oxford jericho- sealings, veronica falls, vivian girls.

london-inn on the green- perhaps contraption, anarchistwood, rude mechanicals.

birmingham hare and hounds- the ex , zun zun egui.

oxford the cellar- viv albertine , little eris.

oxford jericho- esben and the witch, rifle volunteer.

london garage- pere ubu (2 sets, first and last album)

oxford hollywell music rooms- thomas truax, (other bands not worth mentioning)

amsterdam melkweg - les claypool.

oxford regal- a silver mt zion, braindead collective

oxford wheatsheaf- undersmile, von braun, 8 dirty pages.

oxford zodiac- rolo tomassi

oxford zodiac- lou reed metal machine trio.

oxford zodiac - efterklang.

oxford jericho- best coast , fixers.

minehead butlins- matt groening atp festival.
cold cave, iggy pop, boredoms x2, the residents, ruins, the xx, james chance and les contortions, tiger lillies, daniel johnston, the raincoats.

birmingham rainbow- faust , iroha.

oxford zodiac- the slits.

oxford regal- coco rosie

london garage- boris, alex tucker.

oxford zodiac- holy fuck.

london scala- shonen knife, smallgang, screaming tea party.

london shepards bush empire- liars, factory floor, folchen.

london forum- nurse with wound, current 93.

oxford bullingdon arms- acid mothers temple. stearica.

oxford zodiac- public imagage ltd.

oxford zodiac- jah wobble.

london water rats-the dwarves, dangerfields, she hit me first.

bristol croft- the dwarves, dangerfields, f uk, fuck buddies.

oxford wheatsheaf- agness pike, junkie brush.

oxford zodiac- black mountain.

oxford jericho- the like.

oxford wheatsheaf- sealings, divorce, comanachi.

london garage- grinderman.

london electric ballroom- mudhoney.

london forum- einsturzende neu bauten

birmingham supersonic festival- godflesh, melt banana, ruins, nisennenmondai, factory floor, chrome hoof, zeni geva, swans, .

london electric ballroom -electric wizard.

dusseldorf zakk- the residents.

amsterdam paradiso - zola jesus.

minehead atp festival curated by godspeed you black emperor.
black dice, godspeed, philip jeck, oneida, dead c, mike watt, neurosis x2, borbetomagus, nomeansno, the ex, francisco lopez, charlemagne palestine, cluster, keiji haino, daniel menche, deerhoof, scout niblett, the sadies, bardo pond.
and about 2 minutes of weird al.

london scala - helmet.

Best bands this year- boredoms, swans, faust, pil, dwarves (london show, not the bristol show), grinderman, einsturzende neubauten, neurosis, and of course the residents.

Worst bands this year-
1st place shittest band ive ever seen- fixers.
close 2nd place - rifle volunteer
other bands that i didnt like included, sealings, vivian girls, braindead collective, f uk and fuckbuddies, black mountain (if they only did an hour i might still like them), sealings (mentioned twice as i put up with them twice),
dead c, the sadies, and probly the most overrated band of the whole year,ZENI GEVA. i just didnt think that was good at all. i even once owned one of there lps and hated it so much i sold it on ebay, i rarely sell records as i feel most have some relevance to my collection. on the other hand though, i really enjoy ruins, and he drummed for zeni geva, but that wasnt enough to save them.

i'll mention again, the worst band ive ever seen is "fixers" , , i prefer alphabeat, who as it happens look and sound alot like fixers, but i doubt that was there intention.
can nightshift magazine stop pretending they like them just because they know them personally and admit that if they werent being bias they would be slagging them off like all the lame ass acoustic singer songwriters they hate so much, i know fixers arent acoustic singer songwriter music but in terms of lame this is the closest comparison.