Thursday, 24 December 2015

not as much $$$$ as previous years

Helmet- seeing eye dog
dale crover- united fruit 7" black/silver
einsturzende neu bauten - lament
seawhores- the hunt is on , side A original collage sleeve

sexton ming- protect and survive
melvins/karp sugar daddy split
yob- catharsis clear with black/white/gold splatter
electric wizard- time to die
melvins - jam 7" red/black splatter
melvins- throbbing gristle 7" black/red/white splatter + flexi
brothers of the sonic cloth s/t lp
boss hog s/t with slipmat
silverfish- fat axl
cherubs -carjack fairy 62/90 production fuck ups variant

floor -s/t grey wax
helmet- stuck 7"  red with yellow/white splatter
sly and the family drone- unnecessary woe
lightning bolt- fantasy empire
qui/hepa-titus 7" split purple wax
qui- grace of a ballerina 7" red wax
katastrophy wife- liberty belle 7"
dwarves- gentleman blag 7"
dwarves- trailer trash 7"
p.w.long- god bless the drunkards dog
francis harold and the holograms- white bull weeps from valhalla

melvins- bride screamer murder 2xlp 51/100 art edition
400 blows - black rainbow
altamont- monkeys uncle
seawhores- the hunt is on 2lp sides  a+b  #43

melvins- throbbing gristle 7" tri colour
melvins- jam 7" tri colour
melvins/le butcherettes 10" red/black splatter
david yow- roadhouse 7" lathe cut 12/26

dwarves -radio free censored version
cherubs- 2ynfynyty white/black splatter
cherubs- heroin man

cows vol 2 10"number 52 green/silver wax
gay witch abortion 10" 2 rats and a pimp #40 black/gold wax
hepa/titus -touched by god 7" black/red/white
cherubs / slug split 7"
mama tick 7" action city
d rider- mother of curses
dwarves -sluts of the usa 7"
dwarves- radio free x rated edition

shorty-thumb days
dope guns and fucking vol 13 red/black/white band edition
melvins- beer hippy 10" yellow/red splatter
pigs- wronger orange wax
pil- what the world needs now
beat happening/screaming trees split 12"
psychic tv- snakes

dwarves-blood guts and pussy red wax
cherubs - carjack fairy 7" white wax
dale crover/qui split 7" 
dumb numbers 3x 10" black/haze 654/975


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

I should have stayed home 2015

24/01/15-modern art oxford- brickwork lizards / bethany weimers 
 dance with the devil to the beat of the grammer 

30/01/15-wheatsheaf oxford - workin man noise unit/ grey hairs
this time last year something far more special happened here. (25/01/14)

14/02/15- the others stoke newington - lampost gullivers -unstoppable achievers -not right
not the first time ive ended up seeing an oxford music person in london, and wont be the last. 

22/02/15 florence park community centre oxford -brickwork lizards
when gemma said we were gonna see tomahawk , i thought we were gonna see duane denison's band, unfortunately neither tom o'hawk of the b w lizards or duane denison were here this time.
28/02/15 vinyl depford - cos chapman
this was definitely good, but to long ago now for me to remember why. 

07/03/15 -the vault waterloo- charlie tuesday gates "sing for your life"
the adverts for this made it sound way better than it was. 

29/03/15 oxford playhouse -stewart lee
i remember a good joke about the swastika, and a lot of other stuff that will most likely be cut if this ever goes on tv. 

24/04/15 - sly and the family drone / young conservative
as someone who considers himself a musician, my main problem with watching other bands is that i find myself bored, solution!!! let me join in, and this is what happens with sly and the family drone, most fun gig of the year for sure, i didnt look at the time once. 

02/05/15 -the others stoke newington - gardyloo spew/ schaedogeddon /black crack

09/05/15 - electrowerkz islington- andi sex gang/ creeping terrors
i once had a blow job during a gig at this venue but that wasnt tonight. 

10/05/15 - dingwalls camden- the dwarves/ autopsy boys/ generation graveyard
i remember some really really bad support band tonight, worst band of the year, it could have been autopsy boys or generation graveyard, i cant remember which, so AVOID BOTH or risk ear and eye rape. 

20/05/15 - motion bristol - swans
ear rape of the best kind. anyone wearing ear plugs hier should just stay at home. 

26/05/15 shep bush empire- babes in toyland/ pins
i felt sorry for every girl in this entire venue that could only dream of being as cool as kat bjelland. 

27/06/15 - barbican london - boredoms

31/07/15 - the others stoke newington - the v-1's/deathsex bloodbath

18/08/15 - 100 club london - pissed jeans/ ceremony
ceremony were trying waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy toooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13/09/15 - bristol exchange- melvins / big business
was gemma the only person in the whole venue who preferred big business ha. 

30/10/15 - the others stoke newington- rude mechanicals/bad suburban nightmare/jane ruby/we are a communist
coolest looking drummer award goes to that guy whos name i forget from rude mechanicals 

15/11/15 bullingdon oxford- brickwork lizards/ simon davies

24/11/15 garage london- psychic tv.
they actually played this venue the previous night, if i was there i definitely wouldnt have come back for round 2. 



Thursday, 1 January 2015

most my geld, 2014

vaz- visiting hours
vaz- chartreuse bull 93/150 aussie edition
lumbar- first and last days.... orange/white
big business- battlefields forever green/gold messy vinyl.
vaz- dying to meet you, x mist test press.
melvins- i told you i was crazy, krampus edition.
melvins- i told you i was crazy 313 mail order version.
melvins - tribute to roxy music red white splatter
melvins/fantomas, sugar daddy split.
plainfield - meat and da folks test press
plainfield /melvins split test press gold wax
henry blacker- hungry dogs.....
shit and shite - jream baby jream, green wax
altamont - mrs creech test press
 cherubs- carjack fairey red wax 768/1000
swans love of life box edition
die nerven - fun red/black wax
big black- bulldozer remastered edition
melvins- i told you i was crazy red burst edition
melvins - with yo heart, black wax, white ss label
melvins /steel pole split, baby blue wax
 melvins /nirvana split, grey wax
melvins -lysol, no print on cover
die nerven fun, art edition, 50 red black wax
king buzzo 10" volume one, tri colour
towers II
prizehog- reunvent the whool
melvins / fantomas sugar daddy cover variant
king buzzo 10" volume one splatter wax
liars - mess, limited edition vacuumed cover with string
melvins- roxy tribute tri colour
melvins - pop o pies tri colour
melvins - billy fish flexi test press.
 liars - mess standard lp
hammerhead - duh green art edition 34/50
qui- life water living, grey wax
nirvana melvins split- purple/pink/lilac
nirvana melvins split- blue with dark red bits
nation of ulysses - 13 point program remaster
melvins- the end, test press
ministry- filth pig
helios creed- abducted blue wax

 quint - blueprint
thrones- wage war clear wax
space streakings- sexual aestetic
hammerhead - load king grey wax
clusterfuck 94 comp red wax
melvins /jon spencer split art edition
melvins - bull and bees orange cover 262/500
melt banana- snake song 5"
lightning bolt- oblivion hunter, spray painted cover
pere ubu- modern dance
wipers- land of the lost
fred frith- gravity
power take off- this is late, clear wax
hew time- black/gold edition
melvins- gay lord test press 5/5
melvins - venom test press 4/5
melvins - queen test press 2/5
melvins - scientists test press 3/5
melvins - kinks test press
gay witch abortion - snake across the eyes usa cunt love version.
melvins- tribute to queen splatter wax
melvins- tribute to bowie splatter wax
off- learn to obey
katastrophy wife- all kneel blue/green wax
residents - residue, 2xlp reissue
residents santa dog 2x7 reissue replica version.
hew time- gold wax
mark d- brief sensuality test press 10/11
mark d - brief ..... black lp, purple 7" offset 258
mark d - brief...... purple lp+7" 105 hand screened edition
dead rider- chills on glass
disasteratti- cerebral hack artist
animal lover- guilt, green/black swirl
melvins/buzzo, sugar daddy
melvins/1983 sugar daddy

 held hostage comp volume 2 red/black wax
swans - to be kind
melvins - with yo heart purple wax
no anchor 10" amrep tri colour no8
king buzzo 10" vol 2 splatter
king buzzo 10" vol3 splatter
cutthroats 9- dissent
cherubs- carjack fairey clear wax 83/1000
godflesh- decline and fall
king buzzo 10" vol 2 tri colour
king buzzo 10" vol 3 tri colour
no anchor 10" aussie edition 94/200
melvins totimoshi- time art edition 5/40
melvins - tribute to queen tri colour
melvins tribute to bowie tri colour
residents - codgers on the moon
celan- halo, yellow/gold wax
music blues- things havent gone well, pooh brown wax
hepa titus- gettin it on
cows- stunning cunts demos
melvins/hepa titus how chow now dead cow
dale crover- united fruit
altamont box set pic disc edition 75
mark d - mini skirt green wax
hammerhead- ressurrecto post mordern ejaculation 1/10
even worse than expected comp 2x12 test press 7/10
even worse than expected comp 2x10" green cover
dwarves invented rock n roll gold wax
king buzzo - this machine kills artists

melvins - night goat red white wax a/b edition
earth - primitive and deadly
melvins bride of crankenstein mail order grey/red/black wax
melvins bride of crankenstein- red silver haze glow in dark sleeve edition
anarchistwood - blessed are the cracked
godflesh- a world lit only by fire
melvins - hold it in
shellac- dude incredible

times i should have stayed at home 2014

25/01/2014 oxford wheatsheaf- gemma moss, molotov sexbomb definately glad i didnt stay at home this night.

01/02/2014 london electrowerkz - terminal cheesecake, gum takes tooth i remember something about terminal cheesecake being super lame live, maybe some light up gloves or something.

12/02/2014 london ace hotel basement- henry blacker, hag, shabash. probly the coolest thing to ever happen in this posh london hotel basement.

15/02/2014 london cafe oto- jandek , plus some support act with a name so shit it cannot be written down with normal letters.some people actually believe jandek is good, like the person who paid £30 for one of his shitty lps from me on ebay shortly after this gig when i decided i would never need to own this shite. 
support act are smart enough to have a name that no one can remember or even type so therefore giving them a bad review is impossible.

12/03/2014 london st johns hackney - michael gira, william basinski. gira should start doing this stuff at open mic nights just for teh lulzzzzz.

22/03/14 - oxford wheatsheaf - gemma moss, headcount. some weird looking french guy eats his own shit on stage and finds out the hard way that no amount of mouthwash will take away the smell or the taste. 

27/05/2014 birmingham rainbow- melt banana, glatze glatze obviously fears himself as pretty, so does everything he can to make himself retarded looking to all mankind.

28/05/2014 bristol trinity - swans. there are millions and millions of starzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in your eyezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

21/06/2014 london electrowerkz. - chrome. should have stayed at home.

03/06/2014 oxford cellar- wonk unit, down and outs.  yeh im a plasterer, i plaster, but i dont sing this song tonight just cus i want to annoy david.

26/07/2014 vinyl depford- rude mechanicals. depford would be a better place if the fast food places didnt lie about the spiceyness of their chicken burgers.

08/08/2014 oxford o2, - nofx didnt play "august 8th", WTF??????

21/09/2014, bristol exchange- king buzzo forgot his electric guitar and drummer and harshly hit an acoustic guitar as if it was strung with super slinkys.!!!!!!

04/10/2014, oxford jericho,- rabbit foot spazz band. i once saw someone play an electrical guitar co guitar on this stage, not tonight sadly.

19/11/2014 ,. london koko - einsturzende neu bauten.  no one in the venue enjoyed this because everybody spent the entire night trying to find somewhere to stand .

22/11/2014 london the others- kuroneko, muscle bra, flesh happening, anarchistwood some  guy got his bum out and jumped bum first into audience member , who nearly falls over and spills drink.

27/11/2014 oxford corridor- bandits, rail 27 the most surreal night in oxford and no one was there to view it.

07/12/2014  oxford o2 - alabama 3 synth player looks as happy to be there as i am.

12/12/2014 oxford wheatsheaf - non stop tango, volkenfunk volkenFUCK. einz , zwei, SEX,

16/12/2014, london cafe oto- j g thirlwells "cholera nocebo" autobahn.

19/12/2014 oxford o2 - rabbit foot spazz band to much use of the eff word for my liking.