Tuesday, 14 April 2009

fork lift safety

this is the video they made me watch on my fork lift truck training last year, you would think they would have something a bit more up to date, not to mention the language barrier.


Friday, 3 April 2009

bizarre magazine

for anyone who reads the magazine is most likely well aware , it isnt nearly as good as it once was, but the worst news is yet to come,
chris nieratko is no longer writing for the magazine which is a fucking insult, his stories were one of the best things in the magazine, and the only part not to be missed,
the whole magazine just isnt what it used to be, its as if they ran out of actual bizarre stories and turned it into a magazine that focuses far to much on modern attention seekers and crappy fetishes that are only shocking in that it is shocking anyone is turned on by something so lame.
oh well vice is quite a good magazine.

revisions to porn star list

after much consideration i think i would replace dana vespoli with mika tan due in large part to the scene of them together in hellcats 10, its just side by side mika seems so much better, although dana would make a top 11 list , maybe.