Saturday, 3 October 2009

the time i did some mushrooms in dam.

so it was wednesday the 23rd september 2009, i had arrived in amsterdam at about ten this morning,
at about 9pm i decided i would try some mushrooms and this is what followed.
i went down a shop and brought a 15gram pot of psilocybe mexica (often called philosophers stones) and started eating them on my walk back to my hotel,
i ate about half the pack and then started watching some shit on mtv, like this program called fist of zen, check it out it is awful.
by ten pm i was starting to feel very good and relaxed and kind of a nice tingling feeling all over my body and movement felt strange but nice like just stretching out my arms and legs.
i spoke to ali on the phone and soon realised that stringing a sentence together was to much like hard work.
i felt good like this till about 11 but was getting really tired as i had been up since 3am.i wanted to sleep but couldnt.
jacob rang about this time and i remember not wanting to speak to anyone and the combination of this phone call and all the laughing people outside my hotel and the music at the bar and mopeds and my tv all started to freak me out,.
all of a sudden i switched of the tv and my light and i was just in bed in a silent dark room, except the noise from outside.
i wanted to sleep but my brain was to awake, i kept focusing in on different sounds.
its weird because i would listen to something and everything else would dissapear and then all of a sudden like waking up you hear everything again.
and then drift back again like a trance focused on just one sound.
also my body now felt really heavy and not so relaxed.
i was aware that i was probly gonna feel like this for about 2 and a half hours still
at some point i tried to eat some cake to bring me back abit,
all i remember is having one bite and not being able to swallow it, and spitting it into the bin, i also felt very dizzy when i sat up almost like a whitey dizziness.
at aboout 2 in the morning i started to feel like i was coming back round to normal and even stood up and had a piss which i had been putting of for about 4 hours.
i was still awake till about half 3 with my mind just thinking about it all/
i had been awake 24 hours which always makes me get abit edgy.
also apparently for your first trip you should do shrooms in a familier environment with an experienced user, not in some random hotel in a foreign country all on your own with no end of distacting noises right outside the window.
but fuck that, it all adds to the experience, i dont regret it one bit.